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 Our Dog Training Approach:

Discover the advantage of our Dog Training Camps
People often misunderstand dog training.  Teaching basic dog obedience commands such as sit, down and come are great first steps, but do not insure that the dog will progress enough to be consistent when you need them to respond or when the dog is distracted. When a dog obedience training foundation is properly secured, a puppy or young dog learns how to respond consistently right from the beginning. Properly trained, your dog doesn't have to go back and learn what a command really means. If you teach the dog the right way the first time, you don't have to reteach in the future.
 Adam and Susanna Campbell are the founders of Campbell's Canine Camp, a professional dog obedience training and dog boarding business which was established in 2001. We have been training and boarding dogs since 1995. We specialize in Dog Training Camps or Board and Train, offering a 2 Week On Leash Dog Training Camp as well as a 3 Week Advanced E-Collar Dog Training Camp. We also offer Dog Boarding for Dog Training Camp graduates and well behaved adult dogs.

Adam and Susanna Campbell Professional Dog Trainers 

We can help you bring out the well trained loving dog you have always wanted. We take the time to gain each dog's trust which helps us achieve much stronger training results. Our unique dog training and boarding facility is in our home and is a stress free, comfortable and quiet environment. This allows your dog to enjoy and focus on their training while in our Dog Camp. Most dogs and their behavior patterns can be improved upon. Virtually any dog can be worked with through the use of dog obedience training. There are many dog training approaches available. We have found that our Dog Training Camps or Board and Train are the most successful method towards successfully improving a dog's behavior and manners.

Dog Training Camps Vs. Private Lessons


 Customer Review:

"Macy came home from Campbell's Canine Camp a completely different dog after attending their Dog Training Camp. She is much more manageable in all ways. We can eat dinner without having to guard the table or food, she does great walking on a leash and responds to commands much quicker than before."

 We have dedicated our lives to helping families and busy professionals improve their relationship with their canine companions. Our successful Dog Training Camps are proven to provide what you are looking for: Results! Dog Training Camps are very different and much more successful than private or group lessons. Instead of driving back and forth to numerous lessons, you just have to drop off your dog for our Dog Training Camp and pick up your dog at the end of your dog's camp to do your private training lesson. Adam Campbell, who has been successfully training dogs since 1995, will train your dog for you and teach your dog obedience commands that you will be able to utilize everyday. You will receive a private lesson at the end of the Dog Camp which is where Adam will show you how to reinforce your dog's training when he/she gets back home. Reinforcement of the dog training commands is easier to teach after our Dog Training Camp compared to teaching your dog on your own in private lessons. Our training transfers over nicely. Your job is to reinforce the obedience commands your dog already understands each day after he gets back home to gain a good working relationship with him. This will allow you to become a strong pack leader which is the key to continued success.

Washingtonian Magazine Award

 We are proud to be a Professional Member of the IACP

 Campbell's Canine Camp has been named top recommended Dog Training business by Washingtonian Magazine for 2015 and again for 2017!

Adam Campbell Professional Dog Trainer

 Adam Campbell

  Professional Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Trainer Susanna With Our Mascot

 Susanna Campbell

 Professional Dog Trainer

Campbells Professional Dog Trainers

Dog training is about teaching a dog how to be a willing follower: If your dog determines that you are a clear pack leader, they will look to you for guidance and want to earn your praise. Dogs are often confused about their place in the pack and become very selective with their responses to simple tasks. By being consistent with reinforcement of commands, you will clarify your pack leader role. A dog can learn to avoid unwanted behaviors and respond quickly to more desired ones.

We often hear, my dog knows sit, down and stay, but won't do it without a treat or when I need him to.

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Most dogs and their behavior patterns can be improved upon. Virtually any dog can be worked with through the use of dog obedience training. There are many approaches available to dog training. We have found that our Dog Training Camps are the most successful method towards successfully improving a dog's behavior. Our Dog Training Camps allow you to build and improve upon the dog training foundation that your dog receives. Reinforcement of the dog training commands is easier to teach after a dog training camp, as compared to teaching your dog on your own. Giving your dog commands that he already knows is easier than the typical private lessons where the commands are shown to you and you teach and practice with your dog on your own.

Your relationship with your dog needs to clearly define that YOU are the pack leader. Campbell's Canine Camp will show you how to establish this relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

Hours of Operation for Inquiries:

Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Sunday.

By Appointment Only Call: 304-274-9191

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After a Dog Training Camp, the dog owner's job is to reinforce obedience commands that the dog now understands.

Please feel free to call or email us today with any questions. We would love to discuss your dog and how we might help.

We are only an hour and a half from the Washington DC metro area and have many clients from Northern Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Great Falls, Reston, Fairfax, Sterling, Falls Church, Leesburg, Oakton, Front Royal, plus other areas such as Charlottesville and Winchester plus many more. We also have had clients come from Maryland including Potomac, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Baltimore, Annapolis, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Columbia, Frederick, Hagerstown to name a few. We also service West Virginia such as Martinsburg, Romney, Inwood, Falling Waters, Hedgesville, Charlestown, Morgantown and more. We have had people come from Pennsylvania such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Chambersburg, York, Gettysburg and anywhere inbetween! People are willing to travel for our successful Dog Training Camps or Dog Boot Camps. Check out our Dog Training Camp programs that we offer on our Dog Training Camps page. Please call or email us today to get more information on how we can help you obtain a well behaved dog!

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 Serving Northern Virginia (No VA), Maryland, the Washington D.C. Metro Area, South Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Professional Dog Training and Dog Boarding for the Family Dog.
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