Campbells Canine Training

Customer Referrals


I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Daisy. She is doing well and I am trying to work with her to continue what sh ... Read More >>

- Susan H., The Villages, FL


We have a rescue dog that had many of the typical bad traits, and then some. We selected Campbell’s training and signed u ... Read More >>

- Rick H


Our 7-month-old rescue Maddie just attended The Campbell’s two-week board and train program, we are extremely pleased wit ... Read More >>

- Deborah C


Brought my large puppy to Adam and the experience was great. Annie is a Great Pyrenees/Black Lab mix. She was bout 7 months old ... Read More >>

- Marilyn J


Adam and Suzanna are awesome! I sent my puppies two 11 month old Frenchton brothers and when they returned they were calmer and ... Read More >>

- Marcia L


We purchased a mini golden doodle last year named Cody. We initially worked on trying to “home school” Cody but he ... Read More >>

- Sydney L


If I could give more stars, I would.

Susanna and Adam have been tremendous with our bulldog, Penny, as long as we have h ... Read More >>

- Dave W.


Adam really wants to see good dogs and happy owners. Our 2-year-old Cavachon was cute and fun to play with. We spent time train ... Read More >>

- Abby G


About seven months ago I adopted a five year old twenty pound Miniature Pinscher from the Gainesville Humane Society. When I di ... Read More >>

- Kenneth B.


We can’t believe how well she continues to do. She hasn’t lost any of her spunk or personality but she does listen ... Read More >>

- Brittany, Michael and Maggie


It has been almost 3 months since Kelse trained with you. She was a changed dog when we picked her up and she remains a changed ... Read More >>

- Tim and Tuyet C


I just wanted to express my gratitude for training my third Giant Schnauzer. Bear is a completely different dog now. Gone is th ... Read More >>

- Mary Kay G.


Our dogs, Cooper (3 years) and Blue (1 year), are very high energy, vizsla hunting dogs. We live with them in the city and had ... Read More >>

- Natalie S and Andy L


I have been remiss in not writing this sooner, but wanted to update you on our puppy, Winnie, who spent three weeks with you in ... Read More >>

- Pat, Cheryl, Delaney, Brianna, and Winnie M.


You guys really have changed our lives! Since I picked him up, Murphy has been able to participate with the family all the time ... Read More >>

- Summer P. and Murphy


I have meant to tell update you on Sully’s progress long before this, but time has slipped by so fast. Sully is AWESOME s ... Read More >>

- Sharon M. and Sully


We are so grateful for Campbell’s K-9 obedience trainers Adam and Susanna and their expert training skills for our dog, C ... Read More >>

- Scott and Sarah M.


What a transformation!

I am truly amazed at the difference in AJ’s behavior after 3 weeks with you. We are continu ... Read More >>

- Julieta S. and AJ


There is no such thing as a bad dog. Although sometimes they do not listen to you or obey your commands. Enrolling Skyler in Ca ... Read More >>

- Patrice M.


It’s been about a week since Tasha has been home and she has done really well with the transition. Or should I say “we” h ... Read More >>

- Sonia and Richard


We wanted to thank you both for everything. Adam did a phenomenal job with her and we could immediately tell by the way she was ... Read More >>

- Bill and Lezonne H.


Hi Susanna & Adam! We love you guys! Are you sure aliens didn’t abduct our two dogs and reprogram them? They are not ... Read More >>

- Rey and Kathy V.


We are so pleased with how Clover has been coming along this past year. Accidents and grovelling behavior are much rarer. She i ... Read More >>

- March E.


It’s been over a year now and Ogre and Pygmy are still doing great! Ogre’s gotten more confident around other peopl ... Read More >>

- Matt and Michelle H.


Susanna and Adam — we are just about 10 days post training for our wonderful Rugby. We knew when we brought him to you gu ... Read More >>

- Janice and Gary E.


We happened upon Arnold while living in New York City. His previous owner found him running around the streets of Queens and co ... Read More >>

- Brady and Cate S.


I wanted to let you know how Buddy has been doing since we left on Sunday. On the way home I wanted to practice what I had just ... Read More >>

- Joyce S.


We picked up Mason from a rescue shelter. He was an untrained six-month old Labrador with a lot of inquisitiveness. Having no b ... Read More >>

- Joe and Laura C.


So tell me where you found a replacement dog. She’s definitely not the one I left with you two weeks ago! She’s fan ... Read More >>

- Kim B.


We initially contacted Campbell’s K9 when our Doberman, Laika, started showing signs of aggression and had become difficult t ... Read More >>

- Shawn and Jennifer K


I consider it an honor and a privilege to share Daisy’s experience with extraordinary trainers Adam and Susanna Campbell ... Read More >>

- Janie C.


My wife and I still can’t believe the amazing transformation of our Australian Cattle dog (Bella). Our vet and other trai ... Read More >>

- Jeff and Marissa Z.


Clint and I just wanted to let you and Adam know how wonderful Lily has been doing. On Sunday I ran a 6K with her and she did g ... Read More >>

- Clint, Liz, Daisy, and Lily


Where is my dog? The dog you returned to me cannot be the same dog. This dog walks by my side when on a leash; he sits and stay ... Read More >>

- Cody


We are AMAZED by the changes in our dogs. Posh is an easy enough dog, a few tics, here and there, but easy enough. As you know ... Read More >>

- The Boyle Family


When Adam Campbell met Charlie, our six-month-old English Mastiff the first time, the dog was cowering in the back seat of our ... Read More >>

- Trish S. McLean


For 48 years I was a true cat person. Not one of those crazy ladies with 50 cats roaming the house, but the owner of a pair of ... Read More >>

- Lee C.


Gator was like many dogs, he was a good boy with a few bad habits. Unfortunately, those bad habits had gotten worse with time a ... Read More >>

- Lynn and David W.


Our 16-month-old Labrador Retrievers came back from Campbell’s Canine Services behaving like real gentlemen! No more jump ... Read More >>

- Nuala & Glenn K.


We could observe an amazing difference in our dog’s behavior after the training program. The training sessions contribute ... Read More >>

- Scott & Lisa L.


We started training with Susanna Campbell when Carrie, our German Shepherd, was 8 weeks old. Little did we know at that age how ... Read More >>

- Judy & Brad S.


Adam was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, efficient and an excellent trainer. Thank you for showing us how to work to ... Read More >>

- Patti & Chris C.


I know it has been a couple of months but I wanted to update you on Sam and thank you for your wonderful guidance in working wi ... Read More >>

- Karen J.


We couldn’t be more pleased with Kerry’s responsiveness to the training program. Kerry is a strong, active, indepen ... Read More >>

- Barbara & Dan T.


Once again, we want to thank you for the work you have done with Nia. We have to share this with you!! Nia was a part of the 4t ... Read More >>

- Anne Marie T.


We took Cory into DC on Thanksgiving and she did very well. If it wasn’t for Adam doing such a great job training her, th ... Read More >>

- Stephanie and Rich T.


You and Adam did an amazing job with Jackson. I worked with him yesterday afternoon then took him for a long walk this morning ... Read More >>

- Gail N.


Quite frankly, Susanna & Adam Campbell are remarkable! They are gifted, compassionate, professional, enthusiastic, educated ... Read More >>

- Kim H.


When we first got our dog George, he was a little terror. He seemed to define the term ‘Alpha Dog’. After Adam Camp ... Read More >>

- Phil & Kjersten D.