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SINCE 1995

professional dog trainers Susanna and Adam

Adam and Susanna Campbell have been in the dog care profession since 1995. They have been featured in Life Magazine and on the local Fox News and ABC News and consistantly Voted Top Dog Training Business by Washingtonian Magazine.

When people hire Adam and Susanna Campbell to train their dog, they like what they see. This husband and wife team loves animals, all animals, and it shows in the caring, but confident way they work with their clients' dogs. They believe that any dog, once it knows what's expected of it, loves to learn to do its "job", whether it's behaving well on walks, or greeting visitors gently. Dog training, for them, is more about building a working relationship between dog and its owner than it is following a strict program.

What makes the Campbells noteworthy, however, is their skill at diagnosing the specific needs of each animal and each master. They don't use a "one size fits all" style in their work. Some dogs need to be nurtured, encouraged every step of the way, while others only work best when pushed, and Adam and Susanna have developed a professional's understanding of what's best for each dog. Growing up in opposite ends of the country (Adam, New York, Susanna, Florida) both halves of this gifted couple started caring for animals early in their lives. Adam worked in a kennel, Susanna ran a dog walking service. These were good, humble starting points for lifetimes that have been dedicated to the understanding of dogs and their people.

In the Spring of 2001, Adam and Susanna made the decision to leave their positions as trainers at a prestigous Washington DC area dog training school in order to pursue their dream. The result has been Campbell's Canine Camp, a personal dog training and dog boarding business, nestled in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia's rolling hills, close to Washington DC. Adam and Susanna Campbell continue to demonstrate to dog lovers the joy that can be derived from a solid relationship between dog and human.

Campbell's Canine Camp provides dog training and boarding services for the following areas: Northern Virginia, Washington DC Metro Area, Southern Pennsylvania and many cities and towns inbetween!

 Providing Qualified, Experienced Dog Training and Instruction. Professional Dog Training and Dog Boarding for the Family Dog
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