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Susanna and Adam,

Good morning! We wanted to send a note of thanks for your tremendous work with Maggie.

We can't believe how well she continues to do. She hasn't lost any of her spunk or personality but she does listen and know what's expected of her. We're really enjoying working with her everyday to reinforce the commands. Our dog walker and others in our neighborhood can't believe the transformation. It's such a joy to come home and have her greet me without jumping. I can tell she feels much more in control of her own self.

Thank you for getting her to this place -- I still can't believe the transformation in just 3 weeks. We also appreciate how well you cared for our girl and made us feel relaxed and confident about the process. You also didn't make us feel ashamed for any of the learned negative behaviors she had before her time with you which is something we also appreciate.

We're so thankful we have a puppy who can be part of our lives, go with us everywhere and be comfortable and in control.

Thank you so much - this has truly improved our quality of life!
Brittany, Michael and Maggie from Washington DC



Hi Adam,

It has been almost 3 months since Kelse trained with you. She was a changed dog when we picked her up and she remains a changed dog now! She is as sweet as ever but she is also now amazingly very obedient! She no longer lunges or snaps at other dogs on our walks. In fact, other dogs may lunge or growl at her but she will follow our command and keep heeling. She heels perfectly and does not pull any longer. Even our dog walker comments on how well Kelse behaves on walks and wished other dogs that she walked behaved like Kelse.

When the doorbell rings Kelse no longer chargers frantically toward the door. She sits and stays when and where we tell her. She does not jump on people when they come into the house. When children approach her and want to pet her, she sits patiently and lets them.

She still has the tendency to run the fence line and bark at the lawnmower but with "uh uh, come, sit, stay" string of commands, those behaviors cease also. Last but certainly not least, she comes on command off leash in an enclosed area as big as a baseball field! (We have not tried her off leash in a wide open area.) At home she consistently comes on command off leash and even without the e-collar. Also, we have rarely used the shock function. She responds to the buzz very quickly.

We are so grateful for the work you did with Kelse! Even a 6 year old stubborn German Shepherd can change under your training!

Thank you again for all your help!

Tim and Tuyet C from Chantilly, VA



Hi Susanna and Adam,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for training my third Giant Schnauzer. Bear is a completely different dog now. Gone is the dumpster diving and then running around the kitchen with the trash. He did it once when he got home and never again. He has also learned to not jump up on the kitchen counters. He now walks very well on the leash and doesn't pull anymore. He has stopped mouthing my children which makes them very happy. Because of his good behavior he is is now allowed in other areas of the house to be part of the family. With him being a large breed, I am more confident now that he is trained. Your training still let him be his confident self and retain his sweet disposition. When I decided I was going to get another puppy, you two were the first people I thought of. Last night when we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, Bear went in his crate and laid down. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief. The usual dinner time behavior for him was jumping up on the table to steal the food, napkins, or utensils. Now it is much more relaxed and we can actually enjoy dinner. His training makes everyone in the family happy most of all Bear because he is not getting yelled at all the time now.

I can't believe that we have known each other since 1997 when I met you at Old Town School for Dogs. My first Giant Schnauzer, Bailey, that you helped train was a massive dog who was completely obsessed with squirrels. One dog obedience instructor told me that I would never be able to handle a dog of his size and demeanor. After your training I took him back to that very instructor for a group class and Bailey did the whole class off leash in the city. The instructor was so impressed that he wanted to buy the dog from me. Needless to say, Bailey wasn't for sale. My second Giant, Rocky, was a dominant dog who was a rambunctious puppy. With your careful training he turned into a wonderful, well behaved dog who was king of the dog park.

When I have been out in public with any of my dogs, people always come up to ask what kind of dog they are and the second comment they always make is how well behaved they are. I am a walking advertisement for you because I always tell everyone how knowledgable and gifted you are as dog trainers. My sincerest appreciation for once again giving me a well trained dog.

Best regards and we will be in touch,

Mary Kay G. from Annandale, VA.



Our dogs, Cooper (3 years) and Blue (1 year), are very high energy, vizsla hunting dogs. We live with them in the city and had trouble taking them on leashed walks and runs. They pulled like crazy. Their energy level made basic obedience commands difficult and if they saw a bird or squirrel they would take off after it!

We decided to send them to Campbell’s Canine Camp’s 3-week e-collar training. At first we were nervous because Cooper is very timid and shy and we were not sure how he would react to the e-collar. And Blue is so stubborn, we weren’t sure the training would have too much of an effect.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised!

When we dropped them off we were shown the training facilities, which are clean and new. Adam, the trainer, took the time to ask thoughtful questions about each pup and by the end of the drop-off both dogs were comfortable with Adam.

During their stay we received weekly check-ins on their health and training progress. And, when it was time to pick them up, they were changed dogs!

Adam took the time to work with each dog individually, then together to make sure their obedience foundation worked in any situation. Now, their obedience is excellent for commands such as sit, stay, come, down. We are now able to walk and run with them OFF leash, in the city!

Thanks to Campbell’s Canine Camp we have two happy, well-behaved vizslas - that we can take anywhere. Their training camp is worth every dollar.

Natalie S and Andy L from Philadelphia, PA.



Dear Adam and Susanna,
I have been remiss in not writing this sooner, but wanted to update you on our puppy, Winnie, who spent three weeks with you in August. She is simply AMAZING. I can not express enough gratitude for what you have done for our dog and our family. Winnie came to you as a pretty wild, 9 month old puppy. We had many problems with her to include her recall, walking on a leash, eating things she shouldn't, and just not listening in general. We had attempted to train her on our own, but were not very successful. Winnie thought that she was number one in the family and in charge. At the height of our struggles, I realized I couldn't control Winnie enough to bring her inside after she had jumped on a friend of my daughter's while playing in the yard. I was also very worried that I couldn't keep Winnie safe from eating things she shouldn't - she would never let me take something out of her firmly clenched jaws.

Winnie spent three weeks at your Canine Camp, where she learned to walk on the leash (heel, turn, sit, etc). She was trained with the remote collar and that was and is a useful tool to get her sit, down, stay (which she does without the collar, but the collar still helps remind her sometimes), come when called, drop something in her mouth that she should not have, etc, etc. I have only ever used to collar on vibrate (ie have never had to use the shocking function). She still responds immediately to the vibration. The remote collar has been a wonderful tool for our very headstrong, smart dog.

Best of all, I am writing to you months after we have left your camp. I considered writing earlier, but thought it is more meaningful if this comes to you after we have been home and on our own for several months. Winnie is pure joy to have. One of the best things about all of this, is that Winnie is still the fun loving, mischievous, silly heart of a dog that she was before training - she just listens now to commands (from all members of our family) and we are able to keep her and others around her safe.

Thank you Adam for sharing your training skills with us and our dog. We are forever grateful. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2016!!

Kind regards,
Pat, Cheryl, Delaney, Brianna, and Winnie M., Vienna, VA.




Kirby is a sweet baby pet. Absolutely energetic and always on the go. She has been complimented by many for her good behaviors. The lady at the Animal Hospital says she is an Angel. Yep! Great accolades for a German Shepherd which is known to have Reactive Aggression and Predator Instinct.

Of course this is after the training process.

Prior to this at the Animal clinic they had to put a muzzle on her face and it took two assistants to get that done. We often got cuts from her teeth in an attempt to do the same. She also fought back and refused to walk on leash. When that happened she pulled me towards any direction and made one to feel that the arms are going to come out of the shoulders.

Also, she must be a descendant of the Dyson family. Kirby was like a vacuum cleaner. She picked up almost anything which moves and sometimes small rocks and pebbles. It was a wrestling bout on a consistent basis.

Fast forward and enter Campbell's Canine Camp The training provided by them to Kirby was something out of the ordinary. She is like a different dog right now. She has learned Social Graces from a couple who are just dedicated and focused. The electronic collar provided to her does really help to listen and respond to all commands close to 99% of the time.

Try them. It's a nice drive on route 15 to their Camp which is not far from Virginia where we live. Leave your pet for two weeks of training and I guarantee you will see a marked difference in your pets behavior.

Just don't take our word for it. Check them out. They are extremely cordial and you will certainly get a one on one service which is a rarity these days.

Crispina V and James D, Oakhill, VA




You guys really have changed our lives! Since I picked him up, Murphy has been able to participate with the family all the time instead of being crated for a lot of the day. My parents came over and Murphy was calm and very well behaved around my mother, who has rheumatoid arthritis and is a bit frail. He usually has to be crated while she is here because he gets overly excited. I don't know if Adam told you, but my daughter has special needs and Murphy is typically very gentle around her but super excited because he loves her so much so it's been hard for them to interact. It is such a huge change that Shiloh was able to give him a goodnight kiss without being slobbered or jumped on. Adam's training session was perfect. He helped me so much. You guys have changed our lives at home and I am so thankful!

Again, thank you so much!

Summer P. and Murphy From Sterling, VA




I have meant to tell update you on Sully's progress long before this, but time has slipped by so fast. Sully is AWESOME since his training. You were correct...the training was good for him. Thanks to the E-collar, he has more freedom to run freely on my four acres and so is a happier boy and also is able to get the exercise that he needs. I worked with him throughout the summer, walking the boundaries of the property using the collar to train him about what his boundaries are.. it was so easy. He actually gets excited every morning when I pick up his collar to put on him... he knows it means the gates outside are going to be opened and he can take his morning "walk-about" to check his domain. A neighbor has two dogs that run freely and visit Sully to play. Sully makes no attempt to follow the dogs when they leave the property. I have been able to use the collar to deter him from chasing deer and stray cats. And, to be honest, I have only used the "page" (warning/vibration) button on the remote. I have never actually used the shock button.

He is also still doing well walking on the leash as well as all the other commands that he learned during his training. It is such a comfort to know that he comes to me on command when we are outside. I am just so very happy that I made the decision to bring him to you. Our lives are much improved. Thank you thank you thank you.

Sharon M. and Sully, From Parkersburg, WV




We are so grateful for Campbell's K-9 obedience trainers Adam and Susanna and their expert training skills for our dog, Ceelo. With their 3 week program, Ceelo was transformed from an overly anxious, impatient, unfocused dog to a well mannered, happy, pleasing, obedient dog. The difference in behavior is astounding. Not only is Ceelo trained in off leash, remote collar, he is now able to begin training to be Scott's PTSD service dog. This couldn't have happened without obedience training in place. Ceelo is a true member of our family and he brings so much joy, love and happiness to our lives everyday!

Thanks so much!!
Scott and Sarah M. Harpers Ferry, WV




Dear Susanna and Adam,

What a transformation!
I am truly amazed at the difference in AJ's behavior after 3 weeks with you.
We are continuing to work on the commands and behavior Adam taught us.
I need the work more than AJ--I just wish I had come to you sooner.
If you could see him at the golf course you would be so proud. I feel he is much safer now that he listens and doesn't impulsively bolt after every rabbit/squirrel/deer/coyote that he sees. I still let him hunt a little, but it is in a small area well away from roads or golfers and only when I release him.

You have really inspired me to work harder and to be the pack leader AJ is looking for.
I hope you will have him back to stay with you when I take my next long trip.

Julieta S. and AJ From Baltimore MD.



There is no such thing as a bad dog. Although sometimes they do not listen to you or obey your commands. Enrolling Skyler in Campbell's canine obedience and remote collar training courses was the very best thing I could have done. It is truely amazing to me the turnaround and transformation of my puppy Skyler. Adam's ability to accurately evaluate, communicate and train both owner and their dog is exceptional, focused and results oriented. The dedication, love, experience, ability, education and professional help this couple bring to the table is first class and can not be beat.

Thank you Adam and Susanna for giving me the dream puppy I always wanted and now have!

Many thanks,
Patrice M., Manassas, VA



Dear Adam and Susanna,
It’s been about a week since Tasha has been home and she has done really well with the transition. Or should I say “we” have done really well!

When we first brought her home she tried to test us a little bit, but we quickly let her know that the same ‘rules’ applied at home. Since she’s been home she hasn’t barked at people at the window (including our neighbor) and hasn’t tried to lunge at anyone. In fact, she only barked once outside at some people walking by, but we only had to do the verbal correction.

It’s amazing how different she is now. She isn’t anxious and overly excited anymore. She doesn’t breathe or pant heavily anymore and is very patient with everything (including our kids). She sits patiently waiting for our commands and doesn’t even jump on my parents either. In fact, my father said it was weird that she was in the same room with him and wasn’t in his face (or his lap). She just sat quietly by his feet.

We have such a well behaved dog and we can’t thank you enough! We feel like we are finally able to communicate with her and that we are speaking the same language. Thank you both so much! Adam did an excellent job! (and I am still speechless). I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about how quickly our dog would take to this type of training. However, after Adam explained everything to us and showed us what Tasha could do, I am definitely a believer!

Thank you again for teaching us how to be better owners!
Take care,
Sonia and Richard, Centreville, VA




Adam and Susanna,
Wanted to send a quick follow up regarding Annie's training.
While there was some initial concern about her retaining what she learned, we noticed an immediate improvement in the way she is on leash when walking her. There were some minor issues with some of the commands like sitting when we stop and staying in the sit position, but sticking to the training you outlined when we picked her up soon proved to be rewarding for all. We chocked it up to "oh, I'm back in my regular environment now. I can do what I want like before". The continual exercises have resulted in her responding almost exactly as she has when we picked her up. This seems to in turn made the walk more enjoyable for not only us, but her as well since she is no longer choking herself to get to things while still allowing her to have free time at her favorite spots (telephone poles, fire hydrants, signs, etc). While greeting family in the house still requires training, on her walks she is absolutely perfect. She is following commands which she will soon learn will result in more attention from people around her. We will try Petsmart soon during the week to see how she does.

We wanted to thank you both for everything. Adam did a phenomenal job with her and we could immediately tell by the way she was with him that she liked being there which was very comforting to us. You are both very professional and meticulous in your methods and it seemed to have paid off. Also, meeting with Adam during the pickup was awesome. Everything was explained in detail which resulted in us leaving having a full understanding how to move forward with Annie's continual training. It is so great to walk down the street with her by our side while other dogs go crazy. She just looks at them like "what's their problem?". Thank you for everything and looking forward to boarding her with you guys if/when we ever take any trips.

Thank you,

Bill and Lezonne H. Martinsburg, WV




We love our dogs! They continue to behave perfectly - and believe it or not Oscar is even better than Champ! I walk both dogs with one finger holding the leashes! Amazing! Thanks so much for training them!

 Oscar and Champ "staying" on the beach in Puerto Rico with help of Dogtra and Campbell's K9 Camp training!

"Hi Susanna & Adam! We love you guys! Are you sure aliens didn't abduct our two dogs and reprogram them? They are not the same dogs we left with you 4 months ago! They heel, sit, stay, walk without pulling on the leash and are amazingly calm. We laugh every day, like, "this just can't be true!" We just think you guys rock! Thanks for boarding, training and loving our dogs while we were deployed!!!!"

Rey and Kathy V. from Bowie, MD




"We are so pleased with how Clover has been coming along this past year. Accidents and grovelling behavior are much rarer. She is still very high-strung, but much more confident in her approach to both dogs and people -.just generally much more enjoyable to live with. We are both so appreciative of the work you did with her, as we know how challenging she was!"

March E. from Washington, DC




"It's been over a year now and Ogre and Pygmy are still doing great! Ogre's gotten more confident around other people and he's even more focused on our walks. We're very impressed at how well Pygmy stays and heels . She's way more patient and respectful than we thought she ever could be!"

Matt and Michelle H. from Gaithersburg, MD




"Susanna and Adam -- we are just about 10 days post camp for our wonderful Rugby. We knew when we brought him to you guys for 2 weeks that he would be a challenge (I think he was for a few days) but we also knew that the magic you worked with Chili over 13 years ago, you would work again. And you did. Chili will be gone one year on Thanksgiving. We are still sad, but Rugby brings back all the love and joy, and his willingness now to be a well mannered, obedient boy will make this Thanksgiving a very joyful one. No more sad tears, only lots of laughs and fun times with our wonderful Golden. I hope you like the new photos. Thanks again, and we will see you in early 2012. Best always."

Janice and Gary E. from Alexandria, VA




"We happened upon Arnold while living in New York City. His previous owner found him running around the streets of Queens and could not handle him anymore. We initially took him on as a foster case, but then, as often happens, he won us over. Before bringing Arnold to Campbell’s Canine Camp we had a difficult time walking him, he barely knew basic commands, and he jumped up on EVERYONE! After two weeks at camp, Arnold has become a model walker, and runner, and mastered several commands. Arnold has also become much calmer, especially when walking – we have a lot of pride when Arnold continues to walk while other dogs are barking at him (and usually the other owner is reluctant to walk by Arnold because he looks like he’s an aggressive dog…). We have since sent Arnold and our other dog, Jet, back to the Campbells for boarding; they have been extremely accommodating and nice every time we work them."

Brady and Cate S. from Washington DC.




"I wanted to let you know how Buddy has been doing since we left on Sunday. On the way home I wanted to practice what I had just learned and help him transfer the pack leader to me on “neutral” territory. We stopped at the Hagerstown Outlets and practiced for almost 2 hrs. How fantastic! We heeled, turned, sat and what was really great, we did down/stays a few times. I sat a few feet from him on a bench for a while. People would come up and ask to pet him and previously he would at least get up from a down and sit or even stand when approached (if not jump). He made no move to get up and when they petted him stayed down, nice and calm. This was a real test…he loves and gets distracted with kids…3 pre-schoolers approached and asked if they could pet him. Previously he would get up, excited and least of all lick them. He didn’t move while all 3 petted him at once and he remained calm with his head on his paws! And they remained petting him for more than just a minute. Another test: There was a man sitting on a bench with a small dog on a leash. Initially walking by, Buddy wanted to cross in front of me to meet him, but I corrected him. We walked past, turned around and walked past him again…this time he only looked and I corrected him from looking to pay attention to me. We turned again and walked past and he didn’t even look in the dog’s direction. About 15 min. later we were walking up to the same place and I didn’t expect the man and dog to still be there, but this gave us another opportunity. He walked past as if the dog was not even there---THIS IS HUGE!!!!

Yesterday I took him to Pet Smart….this is still a challenge for him, but he did much better than ever before. I have to be careful when I take him there to give him 100% of my attention to make sure he focuses….that’s my challenge. But he did well.

Soon after getting back from training, we walked past a bailiff in the courthouse and he commented, “Did that dog get manners?”

Today at work so far, I’ve taken him around to everyone’s office so he could greet each person with his new “demeanor”. When in someone else’s office previously, he would be interested in what was going on in the hall and want to leave to go out in the hall. One of the prosecutors who handles some child abuse cases noticed how different his behavior is. Together (she, Buddy & I) have met with quite a few families, individuals, children in the past 3 years. While visiting her she immediately noticed the change in him…how calm and still when in a down/stay. Her response was “I think this will work now.”

Even if I don’t get reimbursed 1 cent…the training was so worth it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ADAM!! I’m telling everyone how amazing you are!

Update: It’s been over a month and we’ve been practicing in all the courtrooms that Buddy may be used in. He’s doing great…even when there is a lot of activity (before the judge takes the bench) with the clerk, sheriff’s deputies, bailiffs walking around. I sit in the first row within visual sight of him. In that scenario, he’s never attempted to get up. The most he’ll do is raise his head to look. The maximum amount of time I’ve had him in a down/stay there is 30 min. which I figure would be enough for a dog and/or a child; then we could take a break. Buddy is such a pleasure to walk now…so much more fun."

Joyce S. from Westminster, MD




"We picked up Mason from a rescue shelter. He was an untrained six-month old Labrador with a lot of inquisitiveness. Having no back yard, we had to go running with him several times a day to burn off his extra energy. We didn't dare let him off lead to run after tennis balls, which he lives for. And we had to keep an eye on him every second of the day, even during dinnertime. After three weeks with Adam and Susanna, he was the same sweet dog but now we did not have to worry about him running off when we played fetch and he was much mellower and better behaved around the house. All of our friends were amazed at the change in his behavior. Since then he has gotten better every day. We still use the techniques and training that Adam gave him and us. We would recommend the Campbells to anyone."

Joe and Laura C. from Richmond, VA




"So tell me where you found a replacement dog. She's definitely not the one I left with you two weeks ago! She's fantastic! We're so pleased. It's good to have her home, and she is better in so many ways. She still has some bad habits we're working on but she does think first. She is remarkable on a leash and very attentive. I'm loving my new walking partner. She's so cute too, she prances. We sat down for dinner the first night and she just laid down. No begging! Just wanted to let you know we're doing well. Thanks so much! "

Kim B. from Petersburg, WV




"We initially contacted Campbell’s K9 when our Doberman, Laika, started showing signs of aggression and had become difficult to control, particularly around other dogs. We were at our wit’s end and worried that the situation would deteriorate to the point that we would have to try to re-home Laika. Even waiting the 5 weeks until there was an opening at Campbell’s was a challenge.

After two weeks with Adam, Laika is calmer and easier to control. More importantly, Adam gave us the knowledge and tools we need to be confident owners. Not only do we now have a better-behaved dog, but we have an improved relationship with her, making our time together more enjoyable. Although we still experience the occasional problem when Laika meets new dogs, we are able to control the situation and keep Laika in a calm state of mind. With daily training sessions, we are confident that Laika’s behavior will continue to improve and we look forward to a long lifetime with our girl."

Shawn and Jennifer K in Washington, D.C.



"I consider it an honor and a privilege to share Daisy's experience with
extraordinary trainers Adam and Susanna Campbell who own and operate the revered Campbell's K9 Camp. Daisy arrived at the Campbell's immaculate, serene, and profoundly loving camp as a nervous, high-energy, control freak puppy! She was an excessive barker who ignored commands and demanded our undivided attention. We were at our wits end. Under the expert guidance of Adam and Susanna Campbell, Daisy returned home, after only two short weeks, calm, attentive, sweet, AND completely obedient! By our following through on the Campbell's effective strategies, Daisy continues to do a beautiful job! We regard our "new" Daisy as nothing less than a miracle. Perhaps, what is most unusual and fulfilling, is that the Campbell's did not provide us with a quick fix. Daisy's newly-derived, appealing temperment has stuck! And it has stuck for several important reasons: the Campbells technique works! The Campbells go out of their way to remain accessible to owners long after the training ends should unforeseen questions or concerns arise. Campbell's K9 Camp works, far and beyond any other, because Adam and Susanna Campbell are superb trainers and, equally important, they are remarkable people. Unequivocally, the Campbells care about each and every dog in their care, they implicitly know their craft, and they exemplify the highest standards of integrity and professionalism at all times. Campbell's K9 Canine Camp is unparalleled. Adam and Susanna Campbell are phenomenal! You will be thrilled by their amazing results!

Janie C. from Potomac, Maryland



"My wife and I still can't believe the amazing transformation of our Australian Cattle dog (Bella). Our vet and other trainers told us there was little hope for Bella because she was a two year old herding dog, therefore she would be set in her "independent" ways. Bella is a brand new dog now after only two weeks of your camp. No more nipping and she is unbelievablely obedient. The best part is she actually seems to enjoy following our commands. Thank you so much Adam and Susanna!"

Jeff and Marissa Z. of McLean, Virginia



"Hi Susanna and Adam,
Clint and I just wanted to let you and Adam know how wonderful Lily has been doing. On Sunday I ran a 6K with her and she did great. At the after party I had my hands full so I just looped the leash around my shoulder like a sling and I forgot she was even there!! She was sooooo good. There were over 1500 people there and a bunch of other dogs too. She just stayed right by my side and didn't try to run off when she was intimidated or trip me or anything. Also, she hasn't had a single accident in the house yet. I'm sure she'll have accidents here and there but going from once to twice a day to none in almost a week is really awesome. She is regressing a little into jumping when she gets excited but it's very controllable and with a little more consistency I think she'll stop it completely. It's not just that she hasn't chewed on our furniture or pottied in the house; it's really that she's in a state of mind that she is not the alfa of the house and listens to us. I think our other dog can sense it too. She has gotten after Lily for eating her food and playing too rough. In the past she just let Lily eat her food and beat her up, now I think she can sense that Lily is not the leader and is more comfortable standing up for herself. I'm sure some issue will eventually arise that we'll need your help with, but for now I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful difference you've made.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Clint, Liz, Daisy, and Lily from Baltimore, MD.



"Where is my dog? The dog you returned to me cannot be the same dog. This dog walks by my side when on a leash; he sits and stays on command. He no longer jumps on people or furniture. He does not even get car sick like my dog.

Kidding aside, thank you for the training you provided to Cody. He is now the dog I always dreamed of having. "

Don M.
Baltimore, Maryland




"Dear Adam,

We are AMAZED by the changes in our dogs. Posh is an easy enough dog, a few tics, here and there, but easy enough. As you know Buddy was a complete challenge. We knew if the training with you did not work, we would have to send Buddy away. We are delighted to report we expect Buddy to live with us forever. When Buddy went to you, he was a punk-a bad seed-It is difficult to express how bad he was when we brought him to you. While we work with him everyday, and we know we will have to work with him forever, we are so happy you have given us the tools to do so- My lesson was as important as the lessons you have taught both dogs. It was so incredible that you have taught us what to do to modify their behavior AND it works, even more important, you taught us the WHY, the psychology behind the changes. Please feel free to have any prospective clients phone us, we would LOVE to tell anyone and everyone how great your training program is. Thank you from our entire family, our best regards to you and Susanna,"

The Boyle Family
Leesburg, Virginia



"When Adam Campbell met Charlie, our six-month-old English Mastiff the first time, the dog was cowering in the back seat of our car, terrified of his own shadow. Even so, within five minutes Adam had begun to perform his magic with our huge beast."

"At the end of that first session our dog was on the road to becoming an obedient member of our family. Within five weeks he had become a trusted companion, a dog who was loved anywhere we would take him."

Merlin P.
La Plata, Maryland



"Just wanted to report that we are all amazed with Mandy’s progress in NOT jumping up!!!! Even at the door, she is sitting and being so good. She has slipped a couple of times but hardly at all. You really did a wonderful job... Thanks!

Trish S.
McLean, Virginia



"For 48 years I was a true cat person. Not one of those crazy ladies with 50 cats roaming the house, but the owner of a pair of furry, cuddly Burmese cats and later two perfectly appointed friendly Tonkinese cats. So I was thoroughly out of my element when I consented to the pleadings of my 12-year daughter for a dog. And we got a dog. A 2-month old Bull Mastiff puppy.

Four days after getting this puppy, who was getting bigger by the minute (perhaps this was Clifford the Big Red cartoon dog in disguise), I met with Adam Campbell. I know from earning my Girl Scout Badge about 35 years ago that there is a certain way to hold horse reins, and logically I figured the same would hold true for dogs. So the first thing I asked Adam was "Now how do you hold the reins,, leash?" To his never-ending credit, Adam didn't laugh, he didn't even flinch. He patiently explained leash holding as if that were a typical good question.

The second thing Adam taught me was dog control and submission. This is teaching the dog that I am basically Ms. Alpha and she/he is a dog and I get to be in control! This doesn't work with kids, but it sure worked with my dog. A good thing too as this first puppy grew to 150 pounds and was joined just a few years later with my second Bull Mastiff weighing in at 115. And when you are walking around downtown Washington, DC with 265 pounds of dog on a leash (holding it very comfortably now I might add) it is good to be in control.

This submission training also becomes very obvious at times like vet visits, when my dogs lie still for shots, temperature taking, ear checking etc. And when the vet says something like "These are the best behaved dogs I've seen for weeks" I barely can contain my pride.

All that said, I have now been a dog person for 10 years.... or at least a Campbell dog-trained person. The Campbells have trained both my Bull Mastiffs and I have to say as I walk my dogs through Rock Creek Park, Lafayette Square or Logan Circle my dogs are the calmest, friendliest and best behaved. All qualities I ascribe to the Campbell training.

I also use the Campbells for boarding my dogs. When the dogs are in the car and we start to approach the spot where the Campbells meet us, both dogs start wagging and smiling. They can't wait to get the Campbell Canine Camp where they can play, sleep, eat and play some more. They LOVE it there!!

So this is a long way of saying, I highly recommend the Campbells for general or specific problem dog training, socializing, boarding and just general dog-loving. If only they would take kids or at least cats !!!

Lee C.
Washington, D.C.



"Gator was like many dogs, he was a good boy with a few bad habits.
Unfortunately, those bad habits had gotten worse with time and with a
new baby at home, we decided that we needed help from the experts.
After looking around, we found Campbell's Canine Camp. It became
immediately clear that Susanna and Adam were dog lovers, had
tremendous expertise, and spent as much time teaching us as they would
teaching Gator. Gator spent three weeks at camp and returned home with
new and improved habits but the same friendly, sweet attitude as
before. We are working with him everyday, and it shows. He is more
pleasant on walks, he comes when called, and even the mailman is less
exciting than before. Because of the training Adam provided us, we are
more confident and knowledgeable. It is most reassuring that
Campbell's is just a call or an email away. They have answered all of
our follow up questions and continue to provide us with the support we
need. Sending Gator to camp was the best decision we have ever made
for him, and we are very grateful to Susanna and Adam."

Lynn and David W. of Alexandria, VA



"Our 16-month-old Labrador Retrievers came back from Campbell's Canine Services behaving like real gentlemen! No more jumping on passersby--they now walk with decorum. Everywhere we walk in the neighborhood, people now say 'they're so well behaved!' Even with two 90-pound dogs, one of us can walk them with greater ease, and they respond to commands with joy and enthusiasm. The training is obviously practical and performed with love and affection for the animals."


Nuala & Glenn K.
Arlington, Virginia



* We could observe an amazing difference in our dog's behavior after the training program.

* The training sessions contributed immensely to the healthy development of our dog.

* The lessons weren't just a benefit to Lucy, but we learned a great deal as well at the interactive training sessions.

* Adam and Susanna have been a wonderful resource throughout Lucy's development.

* We highly recommend Adam and Susanna to anyone.

Scott & Lisa L.
Alexandria, Virginia



"We started training with Susanna Campbell when Carrie, our German Shepherd, was 8 weeks old. Little did we know at that age how important that training and bonding was going to be for Carrie. Carrie was a single litter pup and therefore never got naturally socialized. Susanna quickly established a rapport with Carrie and easily and quickly taught her basic obedience. Between the ages of 1-2 years old Carrie developed multiple fears. Consistent training with Susanna helped us to identify those fears and adjust our training and responses to alleviate Carrie's anxieties. Eventually, though, we had to put Carrie on drugs. The veterinarian who diagnosed Carrie's fears remarked that because of the early training Carrie had had she was an excellent candidate for behavior modification. We are very thankful that Susanna gave Carrie such a strong base to work from. It has been a corner stone of strength for Carrie and us."

Judy & Brad S.
Fairfax, Virginia



"Adam was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, efficient and an excellent trainer. Thank you for showing us how to work together."

Patti & Chris C.
Accokeek, Maryland



"Hi Adam!!

I know it has been a couple of months but I wanted to update you on Sam and thank you for your wonderful guidance in working with him.
Sam is, as always, amazing. You really helped us understand the kind of leadership Sam requires. You pointed out that I treated him like he was a six year old, when in fact, he was the equivalent of a 28 year old. With that awareness, I was shocked to realize how much I doted and fawned over him. Ouch. Needless to say I have adjusted my behavior and Samson is clearly appreciative of that shift. Art has stepped up in his leadership and I have stepped back in my "meddling" and the result is we have found a wonderful balance that allows Sam to be the amazing boy that he naturally is. He doesn't get mixed messages any longer, and he is a dream to handle. Thank you so much for all of your help."

Karen J.
Alexandria, Virginia



"We couldn't be more pleased with Kerry's responsiveness to the training program. Kerry is a strong, active, independent-minded young Labrador. Handling him on a leash was quite difficult, and we hoped he eventually could go off leash. We needed expert help, so we called the Campbells. They develop a real rapport with their canine (and human) clients. The training program was gentle, positive, and effective. Kerry responds very well now, and we are really pleased with the results. We highly recommend Adam and Susanna."

Barbara & Dan T.
Arlington, Virginia



"Once again, we want to thank you for the work you have done with Nia. We have to share this with you!! Nia was a part of the 4th. of July parade at the beach this past weekend, that lasted a good three hours. Talk about distractions!! There were tons of people, music, motorcycles, other dogs and more people, birds and food. She was amazing. Never once, did she pull on the leash. She healed and walked proudly next to Demi the entire time. It was such a great experience."

Anne Marie T.
Silver Spring, Maryland



"We took Cory into DC on Thanksgiving and she did very well. If it wasn't for Adam doing such a great job training her, this would have never been possible. She stayed by my side and listened to all my commands. Lots of people came up asking to pet her and she sat very still when I told her to stay. She also walked nicely on the leash without pulling even after I said the magic words "OK" so that she could sniff around. "

"We can't thank you enough because your training camp saved our sanity. Cory is now 20 months old and FINALLY settling down. She even played with our friends children (ages 6 and 4) recently and was very good with them. Before we sent her to you guys, I never would have allowed her to be off leash near children b/c I'd be afraid she'd run them over!"

Stephanie and Rich T.
Vienna, Virginia



"You and Adam did an amazing job with Jackson. I worked with him yesterday afternoon then took him for a long walk this morning -- did about 20 minutes on work including following three other dogs for about 10 minutes. The real test was this afternoon. Took him up to Old Town to go to the Art Street Fair. He was remarkably good. Really paid attention. The finale was lunch at Faccia Luna. He quietly lay under the table while we had lunch...just like the well behaved pups of Paris. I can't believe he made so much progress in just 10 days."

Gail N.
Alexandria, Virginia



"Quite frankly, Susanna & Adam Campbell are remarkable! They are gifted, compassionate, professional, enthusiastic, educated, kind, and very sweet people. And, they love ALL dogs.

As the owner of an extremely problematic dog, the Campbell's were my salvation. Through their expertise, they enormously improved our dog's behavior and continue to offer support through telephone calls and e-mails. I consider both of them to be my friends. I wholeheartedly recommend Campbell's Canines to any dog owner because they are unequivocally the best!

I interviewed numerous trainers and invested money in a behavioral therapist. Truly, there is nobody in the Washington Metropolitan area that can compare to the Campbell's. Their combination of skills is unsurpassed in the dog training world. Additionally, they are conveniently 'located' by meeting and training in Old Town, Alexandria.

Our initial telephone conversation was longer than 1 hour, including all of my exasperated questions. Our dog had been diagnosed by a veterinarian with 'fearful aggression' and had been prescribed 3 different medicines to calm his behavior. Nothing had worked. His annoying behaviors included: pulling, barking, whining, jumping, licking, digging, and attacking his canine brother. He was impossible. We adopted him from the shelter at 8 weeks old and by 1 year, he was out-of-control. He is a very smart, mixed breed and weighs 65 lbs. We were told by the veterinarian to euthanize our dog. I could not follow through with that choice.

This summer, as a last chance for our dog, we gave Campbell's Canines a try. Our dog spent more than 2 weeks at their home and there was a dramatic transformation. With the help of a correction collar, our dog was able to respond to the commands: sit, heel, stay, and down. Miraculously, he was able to stop whining. Additionally, he was able to sleep in a 6 foot pen in our playroom with a radio on during the night. He had never been able to sleep downstairs without whining incessantly while ruining our night of sleep.

Our meetings in Old Town were productive. Susanna & Adam were always prompt and happy to see our naughty dog. Amazingly, they controlled our dog in spite of the distractions near the waterfront. I also had the opportunity to meet other wonderful dogs & humans. We all agreed that my dog was the worst behaved of all. Period.

Today, we understand that our dog is now a good dog in the wrong environment. We live in a townhouse with plenty of rules and regulations. Our dog needs room to run and burn off boundless energy, without other dogs nearby. He needs a big yard. So, we are hopeful that we can find the 'right' home for our trained dog; a better home where he can be happier. Until we find that special place, we are keeping our dog safe, healthy, and out of trouble. And, we're giving him love.

Thanks to the Campbell's, our dog was given another chance at life!

Kim H.
Fairfax, Virginia



"When we first got our dog George, he was a little terror. He seemed to define the term 'Alpha Dog'. After Adam Campbell's training, he became a totally different dog. Now we have a happy dog who understands that he is part of the family, not leader of the family. We wholeheartedly recommend training by Adam and Susanna Campbell."

Phil & Kjersten D.
Washington, D.C.

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